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*Does your product come with the whole seat?

We do not sell the entire seat unit with foam. We design and manufacture a sewn seat cover fabric which is to be installed over your OEM seat using a staple gun. Below is an example of an actual product.


*How long do I have to wait before my order is shipped?

Luimoto produces many styles in hundreds of different colour combinations for most late model motorcycles. However, it is extremely illogical to stock everything. We know, no one likes to wait, neither do we, but the good news is that since everything is made in-house, we are able to produce the seat covers quickly and efficiently. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for manufacturing. Depending on production volume, we may be quicker than 2 weeks but can also take longer than 2 weeks. Please feel free to contact us regarding your order time. Custom orders will depend on the complexity of the order and on our custom order work load. We know this is longer than the usual goodies you purchase online, but it is well worth the wait! View our shipping and return policy. 


*What is the difference between the CF and SP vinyl?

CF vinyl is a marine grade vinyl that has a carbon weave texture embossed onto the vinyl. It reflects in the light just like real carbon fiber. SP vinyl has a leather-like texture, look and feel; for those who want an enhanced OEM look.


Please note, vinyl and paint surface properties are different so a 100% match is difficult to achieved. However we have selected the best colours available to match your motorcycle. If you are ever unsure about the colours, please email us at and request free sample swatches.


*What is your warranty policy?

All seat covers are inspected before shipping. We will guarantee the quality of the workmanship, thread and vinyl for 1 year of the purchase date under normal use. Warranty will be void if the vinyl is at anytime of ownership, been exposed to gasoline, or other damaging chemicals.

If the seat cover is installed improperly, damaged during installation, or if the seat was damaged under any other circumstances (tipping the bike, traffic accident), the seat cover will not be covered under warranty. Also, using products other than the ones recommend to maintain/clean the seat cover will void the warranty.


*Do you offer custom orders?

Yes we do. Custom orders can range from simply changing the colours/vinyl of an existing model we already offer to wild designs to match your custom motorcycle. Our design team will work with you to create a one of a kind masterpiece! Check out our informative Luimoto Custom Factory page


*What are your payment methods?

Our site is 100% secure. We accept all major credit cards. For cheque and money order transactions, we will require them to clear before shipping out the order. We also accept telephone orders. Please call us at 1-888-LUI-MOTO (584-6686).

Credit Cards accepted


*How are Luimoto seat covers installed?

Installing the Luimoto seat cover is simple; however, it will require some patience. You will need a staple gun (an electric or pneumatic staple is preferred). Installation will involve some stretching and pulling. All orders come with detailed online instructions. If you do not wish to install the seat cover yourself, we recommend seeking your local automotive upholstery shop. A typical install fee should range between $20.00 to $60.00 per seat, depending on the size and complexity of the install. Please remember, we are selling just the seat cover, not the entire seat assembly.

Check out our install videos!

Check out our installation instructions!


*What is the Moisture Barrier Poly Sheet for?

The Moisture Barrier Poly Sheet (MBPS) goes between the Luimoto seat cover and OEM foam to provide extra wet weather protection. Before installation of the MBPS, Simply wrap it over your stock foam, either securing it with a spritz of spray glue or stapling it down to the plastic pan. Once you are satisfied with the install of the MBPS, proceed to install your Luimoto seat cover using our helpful videos or online instruction manual. Trim off any excess MBPS under the seat pan using a scissor.

*The MBPS is only provided with products that contain suede with no top quilting. Any seat covers with suede and quilting will have one already sewn inside.

*Do you sell your products in Canadian currency?

Yes our products are available in Canadian currency. For Canadian residents, please select the "CAD" link on the top right. Items purchased in Canadian currency (CAD), are reserved for Canadian residents only. If you order outside of Canada using CAD your order will be canceled and you will be notified.


*How do I maintain my Luimoto seat cover?

Luimoto Marine-Grade Vinyl:

Luimoto Suede:


*Gold Gel Installation Service

(GG1) Rider or (GG2) Passenger Kit Install $100 (Add $20 if your seat is a large / long seat)

(GG3) Rider and Passenger or (GG4) Large Kit Install $160

Install fee also includes un-installation and installation of your seat cover.